Adsense CTR - How High is TOO HIGH!

This is a question that many adsense publishers ask, they feared that one day their accounts get terminated due to high CTR that will likely to trigger invalid clicks. This is very true, I have seen before many adsense publishers account got banned due to sudden surge in CTR.

If your traffic is genuine then you have no reason to get banned from Google. For example if you buy youtube subscribers, facebook likes, twitter tweets, followers and you link back to your website, you might get high traffic in your website and a sudden surge in CTR. You buy traffic from traffic providers like Innosnow to click on your adsense ads, as a result your CTR become 50%+, you will get instant ban hammar from Google.

If you have been playing with black hat tricks to get high CTR like buying targeted traffic, or any services to rise your traffic make sure you CTR is not

  • Less than 10% CTR
If your CTR rate has jumped like from steady 5%-6% to 40%-50%, you might get banned almost in 1 day. If you found out that your CTR rate jumped drastically then immediately use the adsense report form to report that your site got invalid clicks, if not say Good bye to your adsense account in 1~2 days.

As I mentioned in many adsense forum or articles that if your CTR is above 30% or earning more than $80 daily you WILL get manual review by Google Employee (real human) if he or she found out that your website is playing black hat tricks to get such a high CTR or earning you will get banned, adsense will send you a email notification saying you have been banned. Once banned you are banned forever :(. 
[Image: adsensebanned.bmp]

If you login to your adsense account this message will show up, that your adsense account has been disabled. 

So what is the safe CTR for adsense? Less than 10% is the safest CTR ever, as it will not trigger manual review by Google and you will get your cheque every month without worrying that your CTR will cause a ban hammar to your adsense account.

Trust me, I have been banned for 7 times on Google adsense and have 3-4 years of experience on adsense and have been making good money out of adsense, this is a valuable tip for you to take away if you are an adsense publisher now.