Increase Adsense CTR DRASTICALLY ! PROOF!!

Today I'm going to reveal more CTR tricks to get your adsense CTR boost UP to the SKY!

1. Anything about Women
Anything that attracts female visitors is usually much better earning at a higher CTR. This is probably because women have less ad blindness. Women enjoy online shopping more than men. This make women more likely to click on your adsense ads.

2. Lots of Advertisers
This is one of the most important factor. More advertisers, means more competition on the keywords and more competition means you will get higher CPC. Your visitors will also get more relevant ads to choose from. When I first started choosing a niche with a few advertisers, not many ads are relevant to my niche. Not many advertisers willing to shell out dollars in my niche after I checked. If you have not enough advertisers in your niche, your website might show up PSI ads (there is no relevant ads or no ads will be displayed on your website)

If there is not enough adsense ads to display on your website then you will get LOWER CTR, this is for SURE!

How Do I Place my Adsense Ads To Get Highest CTR Possible?

Layout 1

This layout is so far the best. But Google start penalizing websites that are too aggressive "above the fold". Google Panda in 2011 was designed to publish sites that have too many ads before any content. What "above the fold" means is what a visitor can see before any scrolling down of the page.

Layout 2

This layout is very user friendly but the CTR rate is fairly decent (5-10%) with this one and Google certainly approves. If you want a safe adsense layout with a VERY good CTR. This could be your best bet. This layout is little less obstructive to visitors that are only looking for information, and for that reason you keep your visitors happy to come back to your website again and again.

Layout 3

Layout 3 is not overly aggressive but will not be penalized by Google. Yet it is also just aggressive to get high CTR. This is the layout that I used for all my adsense sites. The top left ads should be your highest CTR unit in most cases. There are rare exception like I say, split testing is still very important. That being said, this is one of the best adsense layout in general, it is not so aggressive and ads are displayed in prominent areas.