7 SECRETS of Adsense CTR!

7 Tips to increase google adsense CTR/Earnings
7 Tips to increase google adsense CTR/Earnings
Apart from these below are the points you must work upon to increase adsense CTR/RPM/earnings:
  1. Don't blend your ads: Contrary to popular belief I have found that blend ad units don't perform well.  The simple logic behind this is a normal visitor finds good old blue ads clickable and more appealing. Apart from that it separates your content from advertisements. You might see my own blog for example. I have used the default google ads and have increased my CTR considerably. 
  2. Use wider ad formats: Wider ad formats tend to catch the attention of the visitor much more frequently. It is because wider ads are easy to read and more appealing to a normal site visitor. Apart from that more area a ad takes up more are the chances of it getting clicked as well.
  3. Write user friendly articles: This is the real stuff people come to your site/blog for. If you write something which helps your reader it will propel the reader to check out your website for more stuff. It will in turn increase the chances of contextual ads being clicked. Apart from that the visitor will come back to check out your website again for some useful stuff again. It also helps your site build a brand and loyalty. Good articles will be shared more by visitors on social bookmarking sites which in turn will improve your search engine rankings. Never write for search engine bots but write for humans.
  4. Show ads towards the top: It has been observed that ads placed towards the top and near the content increases the chances of getting them clicked. This by no way means cluttering the top of your website/blog with ads only. Google rankings gets negatively effected if you place ads on top which makes the content totally clouded. It should be placed in a subtle way so that content and ads coexist and blend each other without distracting the user.
  5. Insert Google Mobile units in your blog: More and more people have started using smartphones, tablets and feature phones these days. It would be foolish of you not to include the mobile ads on your blog/website. My own blog gets somewhere around 15-20 % traffic from hand-held devices. After implementing mobile ads I have seen drastic increase in ad views and CTR. To show mobile adsense on your blogger blog you must turn on the mobile template first and show atleast one adsense unit using blogger adsense widget. To know more read: How to add/insert Google Adsense mobile ad units to blogger
  6. Diversify your content: Suppose you live in Indonesia it is quite normal for you to write article related to your own country as you are much more aware of your local issues. But it limits your readership to your own country. This in turn gives you a very low earning base with lower RPM (Indonesia being a developing country has comparatively lower RPM). To solve this issue write on a wider topic which interests a wider group of people. This will bring readers from far off countries like US, UK, Europe and in turn will increase your RPM.
  7. Use internal linking: This helps in two ways. First it increases your search engine rankings and then it increases the time spent by an average visitor on your website/blog. Internal linkages help the visitor dig in for more useful content on your blog/website. The increased search engine ranking helps bringin new readers and in turn increases earnings.