Ways To increase Adsense CTR
Every One now days want to earn from internet, considering the various opportunities they get from internet. But it is not an easy task. Most of you may know that earning from internet has not been easy ever. It is very difficult to earn from adsense. Very less people click on the ads in the website, so it is really difficult task to earn from google. 
But If you will follow these steps of how to setup Google Adsense then it may be very effective for increasing the CTR(Click Through Rate) of your ads.  Some of you may don't know what is CTR, here is a brief description.
CTR(Click Through Rate)- It is the percentage of number of clicks on your ads divided by the number of page views. This means that if 2 people click on your ad out of 100 people then your CTR is 2%. To earn a good earning it must be 5% or more. 
I will provide you all the steps that would help you to increase your CTR. Here they are:

1. Ads Must Not Look Like Ads

The adsense you provide on your account must be as simple as could be. Don't ever use colorful banners or the ads that look like ads. The people ignore these glittering and bold banners. Very less or say no one ever clicks on such ads. Always use the ads which are simple text. 
Today's visitors never even watch towards a banner, or pop ups and such things. Your ads must not look like attention seeking ads.

2. Change View Of your Ads

The ads view must not be one coming out of the page of your blog it must be embedded Into your page. There must be no borders to your ads . Match The charactersics of your ads to your blogs font. This is really very effective.
There are options given in the Google Adsense account to modify your ads.

3. Change Font Color and Style

Change the font color to the color matching your blog text and also the font style matching your blog. The font color if match with the color of your blog matches the color of ad many time visitors may click on it. Thus choose the color of your ads with lots of care.

4. Change Color Of URL and Text Heading

This is very interesting and most useful step. To change the color of URL and tile blue. As most of the vistors click on the blue color text then any other color. If you follow all above steps then this will lead to increase CTR of your blog and thus help in boosting your earnings.

Here are the steps that you have to follow on your Google adsense account to make changes to adsense as I discussed above.

Just Follow these steps:
  • Go to Google adsense account
  • Click On my ads
  • Click on new ad or edit ad
  • Then a page will appear with option on it to change border color, ads view.
  • Choose white borders
  • Choose Blue Text heading
  • Choose blue URL color
  • Choose black font text
  • Choose ad type Text only.
  • Now click on done and you are ready.