How to Improve / Increase AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate)

 placement to main a good CTR. This placement may not work for your theme or template so the best practice to improve CTR is that do experiment. Keep changing the position of ads after one or two days and note the CTR either it has improved or not. If it doesn't again change the placement and after a few experiments, you will find the best ad placement for your blog or website.

Never Ignore Targeted Traffic
Niche-specific blogs and websites perform good with AdSense. If your blog or website contains content related with a specific niche and the traffic is also targeted, i.e. from search engines, then  the CTR surely stays good. Niche-specific blogs contribute to a good CTR. Firstly, AdSense recognizes the niche and starts showing highly relevant ads with the content. Now if the traffic is targeted, then these ads attract the visitors and the CTR stays good.
Keep Changing Ad Position
Yet another good practice to increase AdSense CTR is to keep switching between some good ad placements. First do experiment and find out some good ad positions which produce good CTR. Now keep switching between these ad placements periodically. When you stick to one type of placement, then repeating visitors start ignoring the ads. This is called ad blindness and the periodic change in ad placement is the best practice to overcome this.

These were three most important practices to increase AdSense CTR. Now lets discuss, how to get rid of smart pricing which we discussed at the beginning.

How to Get Rid of Smart Pricing
This is usually caused due to very low CTR. High CTR is rarely responsible for this phenomenon. If you are a victim of smart pricing due to very high CTR, then you might have done something tricky with your ads and you must quit it. Alternatively, if your ads receive a lot of impressions and very few clicks, then you must find a good ad placement by experimenting as we discussed earlier. Once your CTR will improve and will reach at a normal stage, the CPC will also grow within a few days. i.e. smart pricing will be lifted from concerned publisher account. So the treatment to smart pricing is maintaining a normal CTR.

These were some tips to help you in maintaining a good click through rate on your AdSense ads. I hope you will find them working. If you have any suggestion, don't forget to share with us by leaving your comment. Thank you!