CTRTheme Or ClickBump Theme! Which ONE!

After tons of split testing we have concluded our results for CTRTheme VS Clickbump Theme. Both themes are great for adsense CTR, but there can be only 1 winner out of the 2 themes.

Clickbump Theme: 5/10 
CTRtheme: 6/10

  1. CTR is around 5%
  2. CTR theme gives me a higher CTR
  3. Lower average daily adsense income due to stuffing of ads on your pages, the more adsense ads on your website lesser the CPC is. 
  4. CTRTheme stuff 3 adsense ad blocks, and by using the channels to track ads performance.
  5. Cheaper ads usually get clicked 
  6. CTRTheme looks like MFA sites and Google has been penalized sites that uses CTRTheme.
  7. You don't have to edit CSS for CTRTheme, as all the designs can be control on the admin panel of CTRTheme.
  8. Easy to use, converts very well.
  1. Went from about a .75% CTR to 2.5% CTR
  2. Lesser clicks than CTRTheme but higher CPC than CTRTheme, can earn more money at the end of the day.
  3. A single ad block like in Clickbump theme, the ads are basically all competing to show of that single block, so end up CPC being higher.
  4. Clickbump theme is easier to manage than CTRTheme
  5. Clickbump theme is doing very well, but CTR vary depends on your niche.

Final Verdict
  1. Get a CTRTheme but do not put too many adsense ads, put 2 adsense ads block is enough. 
  2. Do not put too many adsense ads block above the fold, put 1 ad block above the fold is enough.
  3. Write content with good niches, not niches like freebies, download whereas people won't even bother clicking on your ads, they are looking for FREEBIES
  4. Write content about women, as women love online shopping and they love to click on adsense ads more frequently. 
  5. As women has higher rate of clicking on adsense ads, the most effective way to drive women visitors is from facebook. Traffic from facebook are mostly girls, and they visit your adsense sites, you will get higher CTR.
  6. Using CTRTheme you might have a risk of getting banned compared to clickbump theme which is completely safe from banning. CTRTheme has too many adsense ads above the fold, and it nearly violates some of the adsense TOS. If your website is with CTRTheme and unluckily get manual reviewed by Google then you might get your adsense account banned.
  7. CTRTheme has higher CTR but lower CPC than Clickbump theme due to too many ads.