Today I'm going to talk about CTRtheme 1.70. This theme has been bought over by HBWSL for 60k USD. The average income of CTRTheme owner claimed to make $6000~$10000 per month by selling only CTRTheme? So how good is CTRTheme, what is the truth of CTRTheme, is that true that this theme is THAT Good and can get 30%+ CTR??.
CTRTheme is a golden piece to get high CTR. There are many people who have bought CTRTheme and used CTRTheme and thought just by using CTRTheme they can make BIG money using Adsense as CTRTheme gives HIGH CTR. This is VERY WRONG.

In order to get HIGH ctr using CTRTheme you must know how to setup CTRTheme the RIGHT WAY!.
There are options for pushdown image but do not ever use the pushdown image as Google now dislike content that is pushed below the fold, and have a lot of ads and images above the fold. If you put pushdown images on your post, your content will be pushed down below the fold, and you will be penalized by Google. 

Do not show comments too, there are too many automatic tools to post comments nowadays, I have tried to let visitors to comment on my blog or website, and after 2-3 months, what I get are spam comments spammed using software like scrapebox. Plus, comments will lower your Adsense CTR rate, as you might divert the visitors to read the comments instead.
 Do not show tag as tag will become links, you do not want people to click on your tags links you want visitors to click on your adsense ads links so you make money! 

Show related articles, as after people read finish your content, they might be interested to continue reading related articles about the topic, the more they read your articles, they will more likely to click on your adsense ads. 

Do not overrside subtheme, the default color has did a good job to get HIGH ctr already. 
For footer script, just put your Google analytics code to track your visitors. And disable CTRTheme footer link, this link is useless, and will only lower your CTR rate as every link on your website has a chance of people clicking it. 

Yes enable CTR social sharing icons, as this will put facebook, twitter, and google +1 button below each post of your blog and once people click on any social share button it will spread to all of your friends and if their friends get the message their friends will click on the link and enter your website and check what is your website is about, and this make more chances of people clicking on your adsense ads as there is more traffic now to your website.

Enable pagination, as people can navigation easily on your website, this will reduce bounce rate.
 Follow the screenshot of the ads layouts I have chosen, why I choose those layouts? Those layouts strictly followed Google heatmap guidelines; people always look at those ads spots and will likely click on the adsense ads if they are interested. 
These are the CTRTheme subthemes I recommend you to try and trial to see which subtheme is suitable for your website. As I have not tested the subtheme yet.

Buy now and try CTRTheme, I guarantee you will get at least 10%+ CTR rate everyday!


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