15 Proven CTR Tricks For ADSENSE!

Earn more money with Google Adsense? Get more ad clicks? Everyone wants to increase its CTR (click through rate), because most people click on the ads, the more you win. Quite simply logical. I present you 15 effective tips to increase your CTR …

How to Increase Google Adsense CTR?

  • Always put ads on pages with rich content: to be sure that Adsense has a wide range of keywords. Have keywords that pay more is better! but you should never rush the content, remember, the purpose of your site is not Adsense.
  • Avoid PSAs: recent yield nothing. (Do not forget the titles and META Tags, focus on a specific topic you especially avoid placing several units ads on the same page …)
  • Avoid titles like “Sponsored Links” and “Advertisements” above your ads: Why do you want to tell the world that they are ads, Google already puts the record “Ads by Google” below. Remember that you are allowed to put these two titles, so it is better not to put them.
  • Use section targeting: who can target an ad unit to a particular part of your page.
What is the best placement of ads to increase CTR?

Place ads in the high parts of pages: visitors do not have to scroll to see them. In addition they undertake first. More ads are visible, most likely you are a visitor to click.
  • Provide an empty space around the ads: for they are visible and that visitors know where to find them. Avoid cluttering the ads in the content.

  • Test different ad positions: you can assess and track your ads using the criteria. Sometimes unusual positions can make miracles. Eventually you will find your ideal configuration.
  • Many experienced users of Google Adsense CTR had more important with vertical ads in any case this is not my case (or the site that is the largest in the world recipe Adsense “plentyoffish.com”. Just to say that everything depends on the structure of the site.
  • It is always advisable to place ads on the right, because users tend to use the mouse to scroll the page by using the bar on the right. Therefore, more likely to see the ads and click. But many say they have doubled their CTR by placing ads on the left. Because people are tired of always seeing the ads on the right side, in addition to their tendency to read from left to right. It seems crazy but it works!
  • Many sites contain ads in the top right corner. Some argue that this is the first location visible to the visitor.
  • Forums are different because the browsing of, and participation are different. Here are some ad placements suggested by Google for forums:
Best colors for links Adsense ads for a good CTR?

  • Maintain consistent color ads with site colors: Ads must be part of your site, like any other. They should not appear graphically-off-topic. More ads like links to your links, the higher your CTR increases. You can change the font of your ads with those of your site for more perfection.
  • Integrate ads in pages: remove the edges and use the same background color as your website. Do not try to hide the notice “Ads gooogle” using a background of the same color as it is forced to Google TOS (Google does not like hidden text). Sometimes a dark color or a background image can lead to good CTR. I repeat, this is relative to your design.
  • Experiment with different colors, backgrounds and positions, you must find what works for your site, but not necessarily to others.