External Optimization To INCREASE Adsense CTR!

External Optimization deals with the points you should remember while promoting your website over web, the external world. This part of optimization not only influences the ranking, but also influences the relevancy of ads. This part of optimization takes time, and your control over it is limited sometimes.

Anchor Text

Keywords in anchor text enhance the relevance of the target page with regard to the keywords used. Every page of your website should be made relevant through optimized anchor text containing important keywords, matching the theme of the website.
Try to make link partners link to you with the anchor text you specify (but please don't force them). The inclusion of important keywords in the anchor text can make a big difference in the final ranking as well as the relevance of ads on your website. All the important search engines give due importance to the anchor text (both on your website as well as on the external websites linking to your pages).

Also, it's a good idea to keep changing your Anchor text while the link development campaigns. Varied options of title and description make search engines give your website wider coverage. Again, you can choose the keywords to be used in the anchor text according to your choice (Traffic or payouts).

It is important to understand that as your Page Rank (PR) and resultant traffic increases, Google may increase your payouts. However, if you are getting highly untargeted traffic (or fraud traffic), your payouts automatically decrease with a period of time. This is because of the phenomenon called SMART PRICING. That is why Anchor Text is so important.

Getting Back Links

The number of incoming links to your website may not have direct impact over your Adsense ads relevancy. However, the anchor text with which your link partners are linking not only gets you direct traffic, but also promotes your website to certain segments of traffic surfing on search engines.

When you target wrong keywords, it attracts wrong segments of traffic. This decreases your CTR as well as the earnings you could have had from that traffic. You can say, it affects the relevancy of your ads. When the ads that Google broadcasts are not relevant to your traffic, the results are damp.


To get the most relevant ads, it is important that the links that you are getting from other websites should have proper anchor text. Your article gets prominence on the search engine because of the relevant keyword used as anchor text. Even the links on your own pages should have relevant anchor text. This will help you get more target traffic and resultant higher revenue.

Other ways to promote your website include getting inward links from free or paid sources, and exchanging links from authority or important websites having good search engine ranking. Links placed at the top of the page get more importance, so try for that. There are many more things you can do to promote your website and earn more Adsense money.

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