Increase Adsense CTR to 3%~20%, Secrets of 6 dight Jim Hudson's Adsense Code!

Today, I'm going to you a real way that will increase your CTR. I know there are a lot of adsense newbies in this forum, hopefully this will help you in your adsense journey. Along your way of adsense journey if you found out any tips, please share with me, haha.

I specially created this adsense guide for adsense newbies in digitalpoint forum, being a member here for quite a while, this is my first adsense guide that I dedicated to all adsense newbies. Actually I'm thinking of writing out a eBook and sell it for profit, but I don't feel to do so. Some of the Tips and Ideas are gotten from guides and eBooks around the Internet. This is another guy who earns more than $XXXXX per month using adsense.

CTR theme+All The Secrets Methods

Although this is only one page website. But the CTR is 20~30% consistently. 
Before we even get into any specifics you should understand that the most important thing that will affect your CTR is your NICHE and your keywords you are getting traffic for.

You want to target niches with motivated traffic. Fanatic hobbyists, career seekers, people looking to cure an ailment, people that are insane for a certain product, people that want to improve their body; these are motivated people. The sites you make should target these motivated people and you will be setting yourself up for better CTRs right out of the gate.

If your niche is not motivated and hungry for what the ads offer, you will always struggle to get any kind of high CTR.

1) Blend in your adsense ads and match the color of your website background color. Make your background color and border color the same as your website background color to blend in the ads. This is the basic that everyone knows.

2) Change the URL and ads text color to the same color (usually black color) as your content text. I know that many adsense users like to use green or grey color for the URL but it don't works now! People straight away recognize it is an adsense ads, and won't click on the URL. Black color URL works the best together with black color text. -> Change your URL and ads text color to #000000

3) Change your ads title to bright blue color instead of the normal blue color link #0000FF. Too many websites in the Internet are using this blue color for their ads title. Users in the internet already accustomed to the blue color links and they won't click on the blue color adsense links anymore. For the hex code of bright blue color, I will not reveal it. Very sorry!

4) Try making your content font size smaller than your ads. Why? This is to make your content pop out prominently. This always work.This method is used by Jim Hudson by adsense 6 dights code.

5) Change your content color to light gray color. Yes, light gray color. Why? Changing to light gray color turns people off and make your adsense ads stand out prominently. Hence, their attention will be at your adsense ads :cool: instead of your content. If they want to read your content. They will read up your content.

6) Put your adsense ads above the fold and only use 336 x 280 ads. Use Text ads only as I found out 90% of the time text ads work better than image ads. Some adsense users prefer using both image and text ads because they want more competition for their ads slot, more competition means higher CPC. Don't put too many ads above the fold, recently google update affect 1% of the website that put too many ads above the fold.

) If you are using skyscraper ads, use text ads only. Skyscraper works better on text ads.

8) Target only visitors from the search engine. USA visitors can make you more money than a visitor in india.

Using WordPress › Ozh' Who Sees Ads
lock all the visitors that are not coming from google search engine. You need targeted traffic and people who are interested in your adsense ads.