Adsense Black Hat High CTR Plugin

Everyone knows that Adsense does not pay well, that’s why it’s been called Adcentsinstead of Adsense, but sometimes when you can’t a better way to monetize a website then Adsense may be the useful, last option.
Every blog and website own that uses Adsense want a decent CTR, and often the CTR is probably a mere few percent or less depending on market/niche, traffic, ad positioning, etc. But here’s a useful plugin (Adsense High CTR Plugin) that can dramatically increase Adsense CTR and therefore earn more money from your Adsense sites.
First let me explain how the plugin works.
Normally, visitors go to your website and read the content. In a small percentage of cases they see an Adsense ad and click it. There are a number of reasons why only a small percentage of your traffic click the ads and the, overall, it’s because there are too many distractions. Such as sidebar links, interesting content, images, videos, other content, etc, etc.
This plugin let’s you create a simple and temporary template that increase Adsense CTR legally! In other words, you make more money from Adsense!
Here’s how it works.
The search engine spiders see your normal blog, but human visitors see a template that’s been designed to increase Adsense CTR. Here’s an example template, but you can use any template you like.
Adsense CTR
When traffic comes from the search engines the keyword is placed in the search box and highly relevant ads are displayed below it. Because the ads are highly relevant and there are no distractions, there is a good chance a visitor will click one of the ads!
You can download the plugin here:  <– download here
The above template is just one example, you can use any template you like or even design your own templates and it’s very easy to do so.
In the WPBlackhat forum I’ve create a thread for the plugin where ideas can be shared:
This plugin could double, triple, quadruple your Adsense income or more, even much more, but be careful with the templates you use.
Here’s the admin interface.
Adsense CTR Plugin
There are 3 settings.
Setting the plugin active or not.
Default keywords: normally it uses the keyword from the search engines, but if there is no keyword available you can set a default keyword which is spinnable, such as: {web design| designing websites| wordpress| etc}
Template: this is a simple HTML page that is displayed. It can by anything you want and you simply add your Adsense code to it.